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Udenafil – an innovative drug for the treatment of potency
Many men experience erection problems. The pharmaceutical market offers many high-quality drugs that return potency in a matter best anabolic steroids for bulking of minutes. The new drug is Udenafil. The active ingredient, similar to the well-known sildenafil and tadalafil, is a type 5 phosphodiestrase inhibitor. It works up to 24 hours and rarely causes side effects.


How Udenafil Works


The drug Udenafil has the same principle of action as the original. With the help of the active component, blood circulation in the pelvic organs improves. The action of PDE-5, an enzyme that prevents the normal occurrence of an erection, is neutralized.


After taking the pill, the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies in the penis relax. The result is a stable natural erection, which is possible only in the presence of sexual arousal. During the work of udenafil, there is no negative effect on other systems liv.52 tablets 100 and organs. Therefore, if a man has no contraindications to taking, the medicine will not lead to side effects.


Indications for use


Udenafil instructions will help you understand who needs the medicine. It is required for problems with potency associated with various factors:

  • chronic or infectious diseases;
  • problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • psychological (stress, low self-esteem, and so on);
  • malnutrition;
  • the presence of bad habits and many others.

Both analog and generics of Udenafil are suitable for those who want to diversify their intimate life. A man will be able to significantly increase the duration of sexual intercourse, which will positively affect relationships with a partner. Doctors recommend starting the treatment of impotence at the first signs of it with udenafil.


How to take the drug


Do not take more than 1 tablet per day. The maximum dosage of udenafil is 100 mg. It increases only in agreement with the attending physician and should not exceed 200 mg. Method of application – 40-60 minutes before the start of sexual intercourse, take a tablet of udenafil and drink plenty of water. This medicine is not recommended to be chewed.


Udenafil has advantages over other impotence treatments. It goes well with fatty foods, which reduce the effect of sustanon 250 dosage drugs. You can also drink a small amount of alcoholic beverages. Udenafil will show the desired effect, so you don’t have to worry about an erection after a heavy dinner with the addition of alcohol.


Contraindications for admission


It is not advisable to take the medicine in the following cases:

  • intolerance to the active substance or other components that are part of Udenafil;
  • lactose intolerance;
  • combination with drugs with nitrates or nitrites;
  • blood pressure disorders;
  • problems with the heart and blood vessels;
  • liver or kidney disease;
  • diseases of the retina.

Udenafil is contraindicated in men who have had a heart attack or stroke in the last six months. It is also prohibited for minors and women. Udenfil should not be taken together with other drugs aimed at the treatment of impotence.


Side effects


If you do not exceed the permissible dose of Udenafil, side effects are extremely rare. The most common problems men face are as follows:

  • drowsiness;
  • redness of the skin;
  • headaches;
  • nausea;
  • dry mouth;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • allergy.

Negative phenomena disappear without additional intervention after a few hours. If effects are observed after the end of the action of udenafil, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

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