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Purposes of application and action of Trenbolone, Stanozolol, Testosterone




Like all androgenic anabolic steroids, this drug is based on modified testosterone, a male sex hormone that plays a decisive role in muscle growth and bone strengthening. One of the most important qualities of any of the above forms of Trenbolone is the absence of aromatization – that is, the conversion of how does anabolic steroids work anabolic to estrogen. And this excludes the development of secondary sexual characteristics (gynecomastia) in men.


The effect of taking Trenbolone


This AAS is used both for gaining muscle mass and for drying them. In addition to all this, it produces such effects as:

  • Significantly increases strength and muscle mass (average 10 kg per course).
  • Does not retain fluid in the body, which has a positive effect on muscle relief.
  • Fast result. Already after the first dose, a significant surge of strength can be observed.
  • It has an anti-catabolic effect associated with nitrogen retention in the body, which makes up approximately 16% of muscle tissue.
  • Increasing endurance by increasing the trenbolone enanthate dosage number of red blood cells in the blood.
  • Burning body fat. So trenbolone for drying is very well suited.
  • Reducing the concentration of cortisol (stress hormone).



For the first time about this steroid in the scientific and medical community became known back in 1959. In the UK, scientists in a small laboratory created the initial formula of this drug, and two years later the Americans bought the patent, called it Stanozolol and started selling it.


It has been officially proven that this anabolic practically does not harm the human body, even at high dosages. Of course clinical equipose, this is not a reason to use Stanozolol constantly, since it is important to understand that it is still a chemical drug and, to a greater or lesser extent, it destroys the body.


The effect of the use of Stanozolol


Benefits of Stanozolol:

  • a significant increase in physical strength;
  • fast set of muscle mass;
  • increasing the endurance of an athlete;
  • mood improvement;
  • fight stress.

It is officially known that Stanozolol improves the production of red blood cells in the body. These are small red blood cells. They carry oxygen throughout the body and deliver it naturally to the muscles. This contributes to faster recovery and new mass gain. That is why after taking steroids, athletes become many times more resistant to physical exertion.




Testosterone is a steroid that is both androgenic and anabolic in equal proportions. Propionate, it became one of the first steroidal forms of testosterone available on the market and is very popular among bodybuilders.


Actions of testosterone


Because testosterone occurs naturally in the body, its steroid form is considered completely safe. This anabolic can be used by both professional bodybuilders and novice athletes. It helps in building muscle mass and can also be used for weight loss.


Benefits of Testosterone Propionate in ampoules:

  • acceleration of protein synthesis in muscles;
  • increase in physical strength and muscle mass;
  • increased levels of the anabolic hormone IGF-1;
  • better nitrogen retention in muscle tissue;
  • increase in sexual desire;
  • acceleration of metabolism.


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