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In people with normal testosterone levels, there is a surge of energy and strength, an increase in libido. It is important for men to always support the sex hormone, even if muscle mass gain is not included in their plans. But if the main goal is a beautiful and muscular body, then the degree of androgen should be maximum.


Indications of the drug


Testosterone propionate is one of the most sought after steroids among bodybuilders. It is prescribed for the development of muscle mass and strength, but, given the peculiarities of its action, it is more often used during drying.


The hormone in the male body is produced naturally from 2 to 10 mg per day. It is often referred to as sexual effects of anabolic steroids as it plays an important role in sperm production. Also affects mood. The drug is able to increase libido by three hundred percent, if taken in a dose of one hundred milligrams.


The steroid is able to increase muscle mass without training. As shown by the results of ongoing tests on healthy people who used the drug for 2 months at 100 mg, muscle mass without going to the gym increased by three kilograms.


Testosterone propionate: action


The active substance – exogenous (synthetic) testosterone has the same effect as the one that is produced by the body. Propionic acid is used as an ester – its residence time base testosteronein the blood is 3 days, therefore, to maintain the maximum concentration, the drug must be administered every second day.


After the first injection, the substance enters the blood within 10 hours and begins to act, having a positive effect on the growth of muscle tissue and promoting the formation of protein structures for its healing. The effect reaches its peak after 2 days, after which the concentration of the substance decreases and is completely eliminated from the body after 5 days.


Testosterone propionate: how to take


Use courses as a separate steroid and in combination with an anabolic steroid for maximum results, as well as in combination with boldenone undecylenate equipoise tablets. Testosterone propionate 50 mg every second day in the first cycle will be enough to increase muscle mass by 2-6 kilograms, as well as to increase muscle strength and intensity. The course lasts for six weeks.

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