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Suspension of testosterone provides athletes with the growth of high-quality muscles, strength capabilities. This drug is an analogue of the natural hormone, only on a water basis. Due to the absence of ether and the high speed of distribution, it does not cause hormonal disorders. Excreted from the body within one day. This allows you to easily pass the doping control test.


What is Testosterone Suspension?


Testosterone suspension is used in various sports, especially appreciated in bodybuilding. More suitable for the stronger sex. Allows you to accelerate the growth of muscle mass examples of anabolic steroids, strength and endurance. Often used shortly before the competition, to gain advantages over rivals. Thanks to its advanced formula and water base, it works softer than ether without causing any health effects.


Suspension of testosterone: the effect of the drug


On sale, in addition to the suspension, there is an analogue of the hormone on an ether basis. The main differences are the duration of action and the rate of excretion from the body. If, when using an ester composition, it takes up to 3 months for its complete disappearance, then after using an aqueous solution, a doping control can be passed after a few days. For this reason, many professionals prefer this steroid as the best stimulant in competition.


Testosterone is a strong substance with a powerful anabolic and androgenic index, which is 100% of its endogenous counterpart. The description of the testosterone suspension corresponds to its positive qualities, subject to the rules of use.


It is used in almost all sports where muscle mass, strength and endurance are required. It has a lot of positive qualities, is well tolerated by the body, is quickly excreted from the blood. Numerous testosterone undecanoate half life tests on groups of volunteers, as well as many years of experience of professional athletes, prove that anabolic can affect overall physical performance without the side effects inherent in other steroids. After administration, the testosterone suspension quickly spreads through the blood and gives the most pronounced effects:


  • A pronounced increase in muscle mass, without a rollback;
  • Saturation of the body with strength, speed capabilities;
  • Endurance during the period of serious loads, preparation for competitions;
  • Increase in energy potential, working capacity;
  • Reduced fatigue, pain threshold during exercise;
  • Removal of subcutaneous fat in a large volume;
  • Strengthening the skeletal system;
  • Increased sexual activity, libido and erection;
  • Normalization of the emotional background, increased self-esteem.

Side effects


In addition to the positive properties of anabolic steroids, it can negatively affect overall well-being and hormonal parameters. Persistent aromatization is produced. Most often, athletes manifest gynecomastia, an increase in blood pressure, and water accumulation.


In the process of muscle recruitment, androgenic consequences may also occur, including a decrease in the level of the natural hormone, as well as baldness, acne.


Testosterone suspension: course of application


In professional and amateur sports, this form of the hormone is used to improve physical performance and endurance. The drug has become an indispensable stimulant in sports practice to improve opportunities before competitions. In addition udenafil, testosterone has a positive effect on all body functions. The dosage is calculated for each athlete individually. The calculation takes into account the weight of the athlete, the experience of using anabolics, gender, and also the goal.


For muscle gain and strength growth, 50 mg of the drug is enough for beginners and 100 mg per day for professionals. Many increase the dosage to speed up results, but this is not recommended. With an increase in standard norms, the risk of aromatization increases. If the substance is used in large quantities, it is better to divide it into 2 times.


Suspension of testosterone causes estrogenic effects. For this reason, it is very important to start taking auxiliary drugs, such as tamoxifen or clomid, from the second week. If you want to completely get rid of aromatization, and enhance the effect of the steroid, include Proviron in the course.


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