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The use of quality drugs is a fundamental factor in achieving success in bodybuilding. We recommend buying Testosterone – one of the most popular means that has a positive effect on gaining muscle mass and is very effective during the drying period.




Experts allow the use of injections exclusively of Testosterone propionate, however, it has been proven that the best effect can be anabolic steroids women achieved by combining the drug with other means. Athletes who are just starting their careers are recommended to consume up to 50 mg of the substance every two days. Experienced athletes use higher doses – from 100 mg every day.


Keep in mind that Testosterone propionate must be taken along with antiestrogenic agents. A responsible approach and compliance with the prescriptions of physicians will avoid negative consequences in the form of various side effects. So, an incorrectly selected course can provoke gynecomastia, fluid retention in muscle tissues. At the end of the course, it is necessary to undergo therapy to restore the body. Also, do not neglect drugs that block the production of cortisol. This will help maintain dose testosterone cypionate muscle mass. Do not forget about a special diet, which must include sports nutrition.




During the drying period, Testosterone propionate is perfectly combined with Stanozolol, Trenbolone acetate, Primobolan and some other medicines. This option is the best solution for athletes who crave a quick and high-quality effect.


One of the commonly used cycles for beginners in bodybuilding looks like this:

  • 50 mg propionate every other day;
  • Winstrol 30 mg daily, starting at 10 mg, gradually increasing over seven days;
  • after 6 weeks, you need to stop taking anabolic steroids and start recovery.

The overall effect of taking these funds will be much higher than the indicators from the use of trenbolone for bodybuilding each substance separately. At the same time, the risk of side effects is significantly reduced. In some cases, it is allowed to use injections into the muscles that need to be pumped up: biceps, deltoid muscles, shins. We strongly do not recommend starting a course without consulting a specialist. An experienced doctor, nutritionist or trainer with the appropriate education will prescribe you tests that must be passed before the start. After the examination, an individual scheme is selected that is most effective in your particular case.


The use of original steroids is also important. So, in the Steroids Shop you will find products whose quality is confirmed by the presence of all necessary certificates. To clarify this information and other nuances, please contact the representatives of the company – the contact phone number is indicated at the top of the page.


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