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Tadafil is one of the safest and most popular type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors that help to cope with erectile dysfunction and maintain a high level of sexual potency. Subject to the dosage recommended by the doctor and the absence of contraindications, the drugs do not lead to the onset of pronounced side effects anabolic steroids and negative consequences of delayed action.


The effect of tadalafil on athletes


Tonic preparations are often used by representatives of various sports. Bodybuilders can also use an aphrodisiac on a regular basis to stabilize sexual functions and enable full sexual intercourse.


To reduce the risk of undesirable effects, a patient who notes a decrease in erectile abilities should clarify:
• cause of sexual dysfunction
• severity of sexual pathology
• the nature of the disease of the genitourinary system
• the presence of contraindications for the use of certain medications
• rules for combining sexual stimulants and other drugs, vitamins and dietary supplements
• likelihood of characteristic side effects.


The effect of taking drugs


Subject to the rules prescribed by the doctor for taking medications, the following favorable reactions will occur in the athlete’s body:

• increased blood flow to the muscles
• increased sexual and physical strength and endurance, getting the opportunity to make more approaches and increase the intensity of training
• a set of muscle mass and improvement of physical form, an increase in the coefficient of useful strength exercises
• effective expansion of vascular lumens, stabilization of microcirculation processes, blood oxygen saturation
• increased intellectual activity, improved mood.


The tonic does not adversely affect the health of patients who are actively involved in strength and speed sports liothyronine uses. Unlike some steroids and anabolics, tadalafil does not provoke the onset of severe cardiac disorders, changes in blood pressure, or acute renal failure.


Features of taking Tadafil when doing bodybuilding


When consulting a patient who is professionally engaged in bodybuilding, the urologist emphasizes the need to reduce the therapeutic dosage of the active components of the sexual nolvadex for men stimulant. A patient with a reduced level of libido is recommended to take no more than 5-10 mg of tadalafil per day. The doctor constantly monitors changes in the clinical picture of the disease and makes adjustments to the treatment course, taking into account the identified reactions of the body to the drug.


For a more effective clearance of the active components of Tadfil and the prevention of side effects, the doctor is recommended to abandon the daily use of the medication. With active sports, yellow tablets should be taken no more than 3 times a week.


The duration of the treatment course to normalize erectile capacity should not exceed 4-6 weeks. With the low efficiency of the medical care provided, the urologist selects alternative medications and other methods of physiotherapy for the patient.


Indications for use Tadafil


The drug to normalize erectile function and increase libido is allowed to be taken only by adult athletes who suffer from:

• complete (without maintaining a spontaneous erection) or partial (with maintaining an involuntary erection in the morning and evening hours) loss of erection
• decrease in the strength of erection, when the male genital organ does not swell completely, acquires an insufficient degree of rigidity for penetration into the vagina
• insufficient sexual arousal
• lack of positive emotions during sexual intercourse
• premature ejaculation.

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