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In our time of abundance and a rich product range, when the shelves of sports stores and showcases of Internet resources are full of the widest selection of various sports nutrition and special dietary supplements, it is very difficult to choose specific products.


An overabundance of sports nutrition in the consumer market and the availability of all kinds of goodies are pushing many athletes to experiment. What modern jocks just don’t eat to become stronger and more muscular. Various exotic safe anabolic steroids medicines, semi-legal substances and poorly studied drugs are used. A few years ago, a medication for improving the quality of men’s health came into the view of bodybuilders, around which there are a huge number of rumors and legends.


Description of the drug


Today we will talk about sildenafil, which is better known among the general public under the trade name Viagra. Let’s talk about the practice and theory of the use of sildenafil in iron sports. Everyone knows that Viagra is taken in violation of erectile function in men. However, recently it has become widely used among athletes and bodybuilders. About ten years ago, there was even a case when the famous bodybuilder Hide Yamagishi was detained at the airport with a suitcase full of Viagra.


However, most bodybuilders care little about the question: how to improve the quality of intimate life. And they take Viagra for pumping. The fact is that stanozolol injection sildenafil (the active substance of Viagra) increases blood flow to the muscles, thereby increasing endurance for better results. A bodybuilder can theoretically lift more weight for more sets and reps than usual.


The coefficient of useful strength exercises increases, due to the ability to load the muscles more intensively. There is a misconception that Viagra is another nitrogen donator. Viagra does not affect the level of NO in any way, however, it expands the blood vessels in the muscles really well. The Anti-Doping Organization (WADA) is currently investigating the effects of Viagra on athletic performance. If during the testosterone propionate 100mg dosage experiments it is proved that Viagra has a huge contribution to sports achievements, then the drug will be banned for use in strength and speed sports.


Such bans will certainly not threaten bodybuilding, since Viagra does not adversely affect health. And indeed, when the bodybuilding community listened to the recommendations and prohibitions of the anti-doping agency. With minimal side effects, the drug also has a positive effect on the heart, improves blood flow in the muscles and slightly reduces blood pressure. Unlike steroids and anabolics, sildenafil does not adversely affect the body. It is worth noting that the activation of manhood when taking the drug occurs only in the case of stimulation of sexual desire.


Dosing regimen


– It is necessary to carefully study the instructions in order to exclude all contraindications;
– The best time to take it is before training and after training. On days of rest – the drug can not be taken, firstly, for economic reasons (on days of rest, the benefits are significantly lower), and secondly, so that tolerance does not develop to the drug.
– The duration of the course is 3-4 weeks when taken daily, or 4-6 weeks when used only on training days.


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