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Extra pounds pose a threat to health, which can be protected with the occasional intake of anti-obesity drugs. Sibutramine is considered the most popular option, but what is the difference between it and similar means for normalizing weight? The main working mechanism of “dissolution” of weight, implemented in this supplement, makes the desired goal – to restore an attractive body geometry – easily achievable.


What it is?


In the field of nutrition, people with excess body weight are often prescribed Sibutramine, a weight normalizing agent that affects the reduction in the amount of food consumed. The component belongs to the group of hypoglycemic and anorexigenic drugs taken anabolic steroids benefits orally. The consistency of the capsules is such that when it enters the body, it increases and fills the stomach. An artificially created feeling of satiety is used for weight loss: the tissues of the digestive organ are stretched – as a result, the feeling of hunger disappears.


The composition of the drug


The main active ingredients: sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate (8%); microcrystalline cellulose (91%); excipients (1%). It is necessary to take the remedy if the alimentary form of obesity is diagnosed. The body mass index, calculated in the ratio of 30 kg / m2, is a manifestation of the 1st degree of obesity – in this condition, Sibutramine is already indicated.


Obesity, which is caused by diabetes, is also an sildenafil citrate dose indication for the use of the remedy. In a pharmacy, you can buy an additive only after presenting a prescription – you cannot buy it without a prescription. Fact: The elimination of hunger with Sibutramine is achieved at the level of brain neurons.


Benefit and harm


The main advantage is comfortable weight loss, not associated with a constant desire to eat. At the same time, losing weight is protected from the occurrence of a headache, which often accompanies periods when the body actively demands to saturate it with food. Additionally, the tool, according to the statements of the manufacturers, removes intoxication.


Benefits and conveniences when using Sibutramine:

  • fast weight loss;
  • lack of feeling of hunger;
  • comfortable state of health;
  • rare take.

The harm is associated with increased stretching of the walls of the stomach, which, after the end of the course, do not receive the proper effect, therefore, they can cause increased hunger even after a sufficient amount of food has been received.


Dosage in sports (bodybuilding)


Effective hunger suppression is also in demand in sports, so Sibutramine began to be used in bodybuilding. The main purpose is testosterone propionate for sale the period of “drying”, which is necessary for burning excess fat and drawing muscle relief.


Dosing regimen


Reception features: time – morning; dosage – from 5 to 15 mg once; terms – up to 6-9 weeks. When using Sibutramine, it is best to stick to a certain number of calories from food. 1500 kcal is a safe concentration that allows you to saturate the cells of the body with energy and prevent the development of weakness that can interfere with your workout. Attention. Sibutramine is on the banned substance list and is therefore not recommended for those who undergo periodic doping tests.

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