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Prohormones are one of the varieties of sports nutrition that has recently gained popularity among bodybuilders. It is a substance that is a precursor of steroid hormones. That is, prohormones are involved in the creation of steroid hormones, but do not have their side effects.


In bodybuilding, the term “prohormones” is used in relation to their variety of prosteroids. Our body produces such natural hormones as thyroxine, proinsulin, etc. Prosteroids, when ingested, are converted into anabolic-type steroids benefits of anabolic steroids, such as testosterone. In turn, testosterone accelerates protein synthesis, which leads to rapid muscle growth, increased strength, and endurance.


Many modern athletes use prohormones, as they show good results. However, the proper effect of prohormones will not be if you have the wrong diet. You need to eat a lot of protein, otherwise the muscles will simply have nothing to grow from. Another mandatory element during the course is training. Muscles need strength to grow.


What are the side effects?


The uninitiated often ask this question. Of course, some side effects are possible. Absolutely harmless and effective sports nutrition does not exist. However, when compared with anabolic-type steroids, prohormones have much less negative impact on the body.


Almost all prohormones are used in sibutramin cycles, which means they cannot be taken all the time. After all, if you constantly introduce artificial hormones, then your body will stop producing its own. After the course, post-cycle therapy is necessary.


Types of prohormones


4-androstenedione (cleaved to testosterone – 6% conversion rate)
4-androstenediol (4-AD) – broken down to testosterone – 15.76% conversion rate
19-norandrostenedione – splits, turning into retabolil
19-norandrostenediol – broken down to retabolil
1-androstenediol (1-AD) – broken down to 1-testosterone (dihydroboldenone)
1,4-androstadienedione (1,4 AD) – splits, turning into boldenone
1-testosterone (1-T)


Drug effect


The effectiveness of prohormones, just like steroids, is based on increasing the level of testosterone in the blood. As a result npp injection frequency, the athlete’s metabolism increases, metabolism and sexual desire are accelerated, bones and muscle fibers are strengthened. But most importantly, sports results are growing.


Increase in muscle mass

Turning into the same steroids in the body of an athlete, prohormones activate protein metabolism. Protein is the basis for building new tissues, and, as you know, the growth of muscle fibers is based on the destruction of old fibers and the growth of new ones. The result is an increase in muscle mass.


Increase in strength indicators

Gaining muscle mass increases strength. As a result, the athlete can train with more weight, forcing the muscles to work at their maximum, which in turn contributes to its growth. It turns out a cyclical effect.


Energy boost

Prohormones increase energy and allow the body to recover faster. This leads to the fact that the athlete trains with mood and full dedication, and this is a significant contribution to the increase in strength indicators.


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