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Oxymetholone is considered one of the most effective steroids with androgenic and anabolic effects. The drug was intended for the treatment of osteoporosis, anemia, as well as to stimulate the growth of muscle tissue in people weakened by certain diseases. Over time anabolic steroids for sale online, it was replaced by more effective medications, and the steroid began to be used exclusively in heavy sports. So, if you are striving to find the desired forms, it will not be superfluous to buy oxymetholone.


Features of the anabolic Anadrol (Oxymetalone)


This steroid was first developed in Mexico in the 1960s and almost immediately began to be used among bodybuilders to build muscle mass, increase the strength and endurance of an athlete.


The tool is very similar to the drostanolone molecule, but has completely different properties. Unlike drostanolone, oxymetholone (Anadrol) interacts directly with estrogen receptors. It should not be converted to aromatase due to its distinctive structure, although it causes fluid retention in the body. To avoid this, it is recommended to combine the steroid with other drugs, such as clomid, tamoxifen or stanozol.


Dosing regimen


Anabolic should be used within 6-8 weeks. The daily dose of oxymetholone (Anadrol) is 50-150 mg. Experienced athletes recommend dividing it into two doses – morning on an empty stomach and evening before bedtime.
It is also noted that when the dosage is premarin uses increased to 300 mg, excess fluid in the body does not accumulate. However, when increasing the dosage on your own, remember that the effect of oxymetholone may not be as expected.


What is the effectiveness of the drug?


Taking this anabolic, the athlete can count on:

  • a set of muscle mass – is achieved when taking oxymetholone in combination with proper nutrition and intense power loads;
  • increase in strength indicators – occurs due to an increase in muscle mass;
  • a positive effect on the joints – due to an increase in the amount of fluid in the joint bag;
  • pumping is a valuable phenomenon for athletes, which occurs due to an increase in the number of red blood cells in the blood;
  • a significant increase in appetite – due to the body’s need for an additional source of energy and nutrients.

In addition to the above, it is also worth mentioning that oxymetholone in an increased dosage can be used as a fairly effective fat burner.


Side effects of oxymetholone (Anadrol)


Before buying oxymetholone, any athlete will ask what side effects does this steroid have? So, this drug is considered tadalafil dosage 20mg practically harmless and is easily tolerated by the body, since its toxicity has not been proven by any study.

All side effects after taking it are explained by an anabolic overdose or individual intolerance by the athlete. Among these effects are estrogenic activity (to neutralize it, you must definitely take a course of PCT), the accumulation of water in the body, as well as excessive activity on the scalp, which may result in acne or acne.

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