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Decanoate Nandrolone is an anabolic hormonal agent that is available in injectable form and has become very popular in recent years, since it can be used to quickly and effectively gain muscle mass in an absolutely safe way for the athlete’s health.


This long-acting steroid is produced in the form of ampoules, the half-life of the active ingredient is approximately two weeks. Deca is characterized by a high degree of anabolic activity, and the level of androgenic exposure is relatively low (about 30 percent). The drug began to be produced 55 years ago, then its first anabolic steroids pill batches appeared on the global steroid market. However, it should be noted that in those days it was used for a completely different purpose, in the medical industry for the treatment of severe anemia, infectious pathology, with stunted growth and development. Today, this remedy, available to all bodybuilders and other athletes in free form, is sold in two different forms: phenylpropionate and nandrolone decanoate.


Effects of taking


As for the effects that Deca has on the athlete’s body, they include the following:

– the volume of muscle mass increases significantly (according to the reviews of professional athletes, about eight kilograms of weight can be added in one course of taking this remedy);
– power characteristics and endurance indicators increase;
– the body’s defenses are strengthened, since decanoate has a pronounced immunomodulatory effect;
– accelerates the production of synovial fluid, which is normally located in the cavity of the joints;
– the tissues of the joints, ligaments are strengthened, and the bones themselves become stronger.


Side effects


It must be said that while taking large doses, the risk of side effects increases significantly, among which one can nandrolone steroid benefits distinguish a decrease in the level of libido and potency, headaches, as well as signs of gynecomastia in males. To prevent such a side effect, along with Deca, athletes usually buy anti-prolactin drugs, such as dostinex or Proviron.


Dosing regimen


Next, we will consider the rules for taking this pharmacological agent:

– Buying Deco follows from the calculation that the duration of the course will last approximately two to two and a half months. If you decide to take a longer course, then you will need to add the intake of human chorionic gonadotropin;
– injections of this drug should be performed every week to maintain a constant concentration of the steroid component;
– the ideal dose for men is 200-400 milligrams per week, for females it is slightly lower – about 100 milligrams;
– The maximum allowable weekly dose is 800 milligrams. According to experts testosterone enanthate 250mg price , if you increase this dose even more, then the effect of this will not get better, but the risk of serious side effects will increase significantly (up to severe gynecomastia);
– Dostinex should also be used in parallel with decanoate, taking into account the progesterone activity of the latter;
– Clomid can be used as post-cycle therapy.


Many experienced athletes recommend using nandrolone in combination with some other steroid drugs for an accelerated and more intense set of muscle mass. Such mixes have a very good effect, especially if you choose the right drug (for example, Winstrol), you can balance each other’s actions. This anabolic substance is also actively used for drying muscles, and during courses with drugs with a low level of androgenic effect – it all depends on the goal of the athlete, as well as the degree of tolerance of steroid substances by the body.


There is also such a concept regarding courses for gaining muscle volume, like a golden combination. According to her, 200-300 milligrams of nandrolone should be used with testosterone enanthate or propionate in the amount of 500 milligrams. You can also add one tablet of Cabergoline to this combination. Testosterone is included in this mix in order to eliminate the negative effect of Deca in the form of a significant suppression of endogenous testosterone secretion, as well as a decrease in libido and slow muscle mass gain.


If you believe the reviews of professional users, the combination of testosterone with nandrolone is the most common and most optimal today for all athletes. According to reviews of nandrolone decanoate, it contributes to a gradual increase in muscle mass. However, due to the minimal severity of the rollback, the absence of androgenic side effects, as well as improving the quality of the muscles.

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