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Modafinil is a drug that significantly increases concentration and removes drowsiness. The drug belongs to nootropics, it is used for medical purposes for the treatment of narcolepsy, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and so on. Often it is used by athletes during serious training and heavy loads.


Modafinil: features, contraindications


Modafinil is a powerful psychostimulant. When it is taken, effects such as:

– increased feeling of cheerfulness;
– concentration of attention;
– has a positive effect on memory and mental abilities;
– helps to cope with sleep apnea;
– cheers up;
– completely removes drowsiness.

The drug has contraindications: you can not take Modafinil for problems with cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the liver, kidneys, there are also age restrictions – it is strictly anabolic steroids legal contraindicated in persons under the age of eighteen. Athletes can use it to improve overall performance in the pre-competition period or during heavy training processes.


How to use


Modafinil is a potent drug and the side effects that it can cause depend, among other things, on the dosage. Calculation nandrolone decanoate online buy of the optimal dose: four milligrams per kilogram of weight. You can also take the average dosage: from one hundred to two hundred milligrams per day.


This drug should be taken in the early morning hours. If for some reason the appointment was missed, then you should not do this in the afternoon, as the sleep pattern will be disturbed. Also, the daily dosage of Modafinil can be divided into two times: early in the morning, immediately after getting up, and at noon, but not later.


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