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It is difficult to imagine a bodybuilder who does not dream of a quick improvement in his own physical condition, for which you should use special sports supplements. Initially, most of the medicines that are used in sports today were created to treat patients with various diseases, or for veterinary use. Boldenone is no exception.


Its ability to quickly improve physical fitness and provoke a sharp increase in best anabolic steroids for sale muscle mass could not fail to appeal to athletes who immediately took advantage of the benefits of the substance during physical training.


What to expect from the use of boldenone in bodybuilding?


The drug is marketed under various names, such as methyldihydroboldenone. At the same time, its formula remains unchanged, which allows you to study all the effects of the use of the drug and use them correctly to improve your physical condition. The drug differs in that it is based on a modified testosterone molecule, to which one more carbon bond has been added. Thanks to this change, it was possible to minimize the level of androgenic activity, and at the same time ensure a rapid increase in muscle mass.


The drug can be successfully used by methyl trenbolone athletes who do not want to face side effects, for which it is enough to take boldenone in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations. The drug provokes pronounced effects from taking it from the first week. The results that boldenone allows you to achieve will be especially relevant for wrestlers and bodybuilders.


Benefits of taking the drug


The drug allows:

– build muscle mass;
– recover faster after training;
– keep an excellent appetite.
The medication pleases with its availability, which should also be considered when choosing the optimal course.


Dosage of the drug boldenone and features of its administration


The best result can be methenolone acetate achieved through individual dosage. The drug can be used even by beginners who should follow the dosage at the level of 500 mg of the substance per week. Only experienced athletes who have been using sports medicine for more than a year can take medication in an amount of up to 700 mg per week. The subsequent increase in dosage makes negative reactions more expressive. It is allowed to use boldenone on the course by women if they stop at the minimum dosages. 50 mg of the substance per week is enough to improve the results and not develop secondary male sexual characteristics.

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