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Primobolan itself is a modified form of dihydrotestosterone. According to the steroid profile of the drug, Primobolan has a high anabolic index (0.88 of testosterone) and moderate androgenic activity (0.44 of testosterone). This steroid first entered the pharmacological market in 1962, it was used, like many steroids at that time legal anabolic steroids pills, for the treatment of osteoporosis, breast cancer and as a restorative agent in postoperative or post-burn therapy. And, like all steroid drugs, Primobolan fell out of medical demand when non-steroidal drugs entered the market that were used for the same symptoms.


To say that Primobolan was discontinued is no! This steroid, like many others, has found application in the sports world, namely in bodybuilding. Its steroid profile suggests that Primobolan is not suitable for cycles.


Properties of Primobolan


The intake of this drug affects the increase in the muscle mass of the body of athletes, it is usually used at the stage of muscle drying. With its help, muscle mass increases, but not in large quantities, and this mass will be dry – without fat and water.Primobolan is available in both injectable and tablet form. The injection form of this drug has two esters: Enanthate and Acetate. Those who are at least a little versed in sports pharmacology know that Enanthate is a long ester (has a long effect in the body), Acetate is a short ether.


The tablet form primobolan depot of the drug is not very popular, because the price is very high, and the only advantage of the tablet Primobolan, compared to other oral analogues, is that it is absolutely non-toxic to the liver. The main effects when taking Primobolan, according to athletes, are noted: fat burning effect, preservation of muscle mass, increase in the strength of the athlete.


Recommended dosages


The optimal dosages of Primobalan are 400–1000 mg per week for men and 200–400 mg for women. Since the half-life of the steroid is 6-7 days, injections are given once or twice a week.


Primobolan and it’s sports use


Primobolan makes the muscle mass of athletes embossed and firm. With all this, this drug is considered a very mild steroid, it does not augmentin 875 tablet aromatize in the body (does not turn into estrogens), is not toxic to the liver and has a small risk of side effects.


According to the reviews of athletes who used Primobolan, however, in some cases, side effects such as a decrease in the secretion of their own testosterone, aggression, insomnia, and an increase in blood pressure may occur. However, if you do not exceed the recommended dosages, then the risk of their occurrence is extremely small.


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