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T3 (liothyronine) is a thyroid hormone drug quite commonly used for fat burning, especially in the context of anabolic steroid cycles. T3 is produced naturally in the body during the production of the hormone T4 (thyroxine) by the thyroid gland. Oral T3 supplementation can increase serum T3 levels to levels that are higher than naturally produced levels, which speeds up fat burning and in some cases potentially increases GH production and enhances anabolism.


T3 instability problem


When dosing T3, one must first take into account the fact that the drug itself is unstable, and this leads to a loss of its activity over time, even when using pharmaceutical preparations in the form of tablets. Liquid preparations lose their activity even faster anabolic steroids gym. The doses given below refer to the highest potency T3 formulation manufactured by the US pharmaceutical industry and not yet expired. In many cases, other T3 products will contain less, if not much less, T3 than what the label says.


For this reason, it is recommended to look for a genuine T3 pharmaceutical product, preferably. Otherwise, determining the required dose of the drug may be difficult or misleading. For example, when using a drug with a low potency, a person may decide that “150 micrograms” per day is just the right dose for him, but when using a drug with a maximum potency, this dose will be too high.


Dosing regimen T3


There are two approaches to dosing T3:

In the first case, the goal is to achieve a constant level of fat burning or help maintain body composition close to a personal ideal. However, the dose of T3 can be very low, preferably 12.5 micrograms per day, but in some cases up to 25 micrograms per day. At a low dose mesterolone steroid, as a rule, the analysis of thyroid function will not show any inhibition even with long-term use. At a high dose, a moderate inhibition of its function is sometimes observed, but the result is much better than in the case when T3 is not taken, and the inhibited function is quickly restored after T3 use is stopped.


In the second approach, the goal is to achieve a fairly significant increase in the rate of fat burning, while deliberately allowing the suppression of thyroid function. The most preferred dose in this case is about 50 micrograms per day, but in some cases it can be increased up to 75 micrograms per day. Such doses are desirably taken not continuously, but only for a limited period of time, for example 8-12 weeks, although the exact timing does not exist.


Dose division T3


Because T3 has a short half-life, divided doses are preferred over single doses unless the total daily dose is small. For example, a dose of 12.5 micrograms per day is best taken as a single dose in the morning, while a daily dose of 50 micrograms per day is best divided into three to four portions rather than taken all at once.


Decrease in natural thyroid hormone production at the end of the course of taking T3


After long-term use of large doses of T3, the production of the natural hormone is suppressed for some time after T3 is stopped. Usually this time depends on the duration of the reception. With short-term use trenbolone where to buy, the decrease in thyroid function is usually subtle, but with long-term use, its function in some cases can remain depressed for up to six weeks.


Consequences of taking an excessive dose of T3


A high dose of T3, usually starting at about 75 mcg per day but in some cases as low as about 100 mcg per day, can cause tachycardia (increased heart rate) and muscle weakness and may have a catabolic effect or at least decrease anabolism. Of course, high doses of anabolic steroids often mask the latter effect.




T3 is a very effective fat burning compound, but it comes with serious side effects when overdosed. With sufficient care, this compound is easily excreted from the body. Given the fact that T3 has limited stability, it is best purchased from high quality pharmaceutical manufacturers.


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