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Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a glycoprotein hormone that mimics the work of LH produced during pregnancy by the developing fetus shortly after conception, and then by part of the placenta. For athletes using testosterone and the like, the use of human gonadotropin is undeniably essential to prevent testicular atrophy. Just this role is essential for this drug.


However, novice bodybuilders and athletes use human chorionic gonadotropin to increase muscle mass with other drugs. The reason for introducing HCG into the course is the ability to increase best anabolic steroids for injury recovery the production of the testosterone hormone. This one is also used during the “drying” or the process of removing subcutaneous fat in order to achieve a relief appearance before competitions or performances.




HCG is obtained from the urine of pregnant women or through genetic modification. HCG in the US can be purchased at pharmacies with a prescription and it costs from $50-100 for 10,000 IU. Many insurance companies do not pay for the purchase of hCG.


HCG is packaged in the form of a powder of 3500 IU, 5000 IU and 10,000 IU. However, you can call the pharmacy. So that they make the dosage you need for you. The kit comes with 1 ml of bacteriostatic water as a solvent. Bacteriostatic water contains a preservative. This water can keep the solution viable for up to 6 weeks when refrigerated.


HCG is applied intramuscularly or subcutaneously (there is still debate as to which is better). The amount best human growth hormone for sale of IU depends on how much bacteriostatic water you add as a diluent. If 1 ml is added to the 5000 IU powder, you will have a 5000 IU solution. That is, 0.1 ml contains 500 IU. If you add 2 ml, then the concentration will be 2500 IU / ml and 0.1 ml will contain 250 IU. If you need 500 IU, then enter 0.2 ml.


The use of ultra-short needles when using hCG is suitable even for those who are panicky afraid of needles.
– 1 ml, 12.7 mm, 30 gauge
– 0.5 ml 8 mm, 31 gauge


Never use a needle that you used to collect bacteriostatic water, it becomes blunt. I usually use large needles for this. Remember alcohol wipes to clean the injection site and flip the vial. Common injection sites are the abdomen near the navel and the pubis. Pinch the fat fold, wipe the place with an alcohol pad, inject and massage the injection site with an alcohol pad. A review of the literature suggests a wide range of hCG dosages. For the treatment of male infertility, dosages from 1250 IU three times a week to 3000 IU twice a week are used. There were no men on HRT in these studies.


How fast does testosterone levels increase after using hCG?


There are studies on this. The use of 6000 IU in two different regimens has been studied. In the first group, seven men received a single intramuscular dose at a time. Testosterone increased 1.6 times within 4 hours. Then the testosterone level decreased and stopped at a certain level for at least 24 hours. The maximum peak of 2.4 times the level of testosterone was observed in the interval of 72-96 hours. After that, testosterone decreased and reached the initial level after 144 hours.


According to the second scheme, six subjects took two intravenous injections of hCG (5-8 times higher dosages than in the first group) with a 24-hour interval. The initial increase in testosterone in the blood was equal to the first scheme, although hCG was 5-8 times higher. After 24 hours, the testosterone level was lower than after 2-4 hours than in the first regimen. A peak testosterone increase of 2.2 times was seen 24 hours later compared to the first protocol. Thus, we can conclude that more does not mean better. In fact, high doses of hCG can negatively affect the Leydig cells in the testicles.


HCG can not only increase testosterone levels, but also increase the number of Leydig cells in the testicles. It is reliably known that the use of hCG increases the concentration nandrolone phenylpropionate benefits of Leydig cells. However, it has not previously been clearly associated with an increase in the number of cells, or simply with an increase in individual cells. In a study conducted on rats with daily use of hCG at 100 IU for 5 weeks, the volume of Leydig cell concentration was 4.7 times in 5 weeks. The number of Leydig cells increased threefold, while the average volume of individual cells increased only 1.6 times. The conclusion was that hCG increased the number of Leydig cells in rats. We do not know if these results can be applied to men.

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