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Despite the fact that the GW-1516 gene doping is not used on a massive scale, reviews about it are positive. When using the drug, there is a significant increase in muscle mass, a decrease in body fat, a dramatic increase in strength and endurance of the body. Despite the fact that the use of gene doping is officially banned in Olympic sports, its use takes place in athletics and bodybuilding.


The consequences what are anabolic androgenic steroids of the long-term use of the GW-1516 gene doping are still unknown to medicine, but there is evidence of a deviation in the body’s work during its overdose.


Side effects


The manufacturer of the drug indicates possible changes in the work of the body:

– malfunctions of the nervous system;
– increased excitability and irritability;
– decrease in metabolism;
– dizziness and pain in the head;

There are very rare hcg injections to buy cases of malfunctions in the endocrine system, a drop in testosterone levels. To receive “GW-1516” the athlete must be completely healthy. When the first symptoms appear in violation of the body, the use of the drug is stopped.




The ability of the GW-1516 doping to increase strength and endurance is used for training athletes during cyclic loading, for example, cycling and long-distance running. “GW-1516” showed excellent results in bodybuilding. The impact of the gene doping “GW-1516” is aimed at increasing the contractile muscle capacity, increasing the pumping of blood to the heart to ensure training with extreme loads.


You can buy gene doping “GW-1516” in online stores with the appropriate focus. And also from representatives of companies that specialize in the sale of sports pharmacological preparations at a very reasonable price, which usually corresponds to the price / quality level. Purchase sports pharmacology and athletic nutritional supplements at no additional cost or risk. This is the most realistic and affordable option on the drug market.


Many superdrol buy stores practice a convenient system of discounts and bonuses, free delivery to the specified location. The discount system depends on the amount you plan to spend on drugs. The purchase of GW-1516 will become much cheaper if the order of additional funds, drugs, vitamin and protein shakes and various doping drugs is added to the drug. Order products and preparations from trusted companies that value their reputation and cooperate only with reliable suppliers. When ordering goods, if desired, it is possible to remain anonymous. Delivery of the purchased goods is practiced by courier or by mail.


Acquisition of gene doping “GW-1516”


If you wish, you can purchase the GW-1516 gene doping. To do this, you need to consult with a sports doctor, make sure that the body is healthy and ready for additional stress. It is necessary to order the required dosage and the amount of the selected drug in the online store or from representatives of sports pharmacology companies.


In the purchase itself, “GW-1516” is cheaper. This fact is completely unrelated to the quality of drugs, with its effectiveness, these are just features of the production technology.

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