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Fluoxymesterone is a derivative of testosterone, in some ways reminiscent of trenbolone. As with trenbolone, the main changes affected the B and C rings of the molecule: a fluorine atom was introduced into position 9, and a methyl group (OH) into position 11.


The result was an anabolic steroid that is not subject to aromatization, but is able to turn into a reduced form (analogous to dihydrotestosterone) under the influence of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. Taken together buying anabolic steroids, this suggests that no significant gains in muscle mass can be expected from the course of fluoxymesterone. Strength is in the other – in the growth of strength. The fact is that this anabolic steroid inhibits an enzyme that destroys cortisol, resulting in an increase in the level of the catabolic hormone in the blood.


To a certain extent, this is good, as it allows you to quickly increase strength indicators. As a result, powerlifters and weightlifters have become the main consumers of fluoxymesterone – both of them take it both before training and before competitions. In bodybuilding buy furosemide, however, the drug can also find its application: 20-30 mg (no more!) For two weeks before the start, you can achieve muscle rigidity. It should be remembered that the drug is extremely hepatotoxic, its combination with stanozolol, for example, can turn into an “explosive” mixture.




  • Raises the level of cortisol in the blood;
  • Causes a pronounced feeling of fatigue;
  • May cause sleep disturbance;
  • Does not aromatize and has no estrogenic activity.




Fluoxymesterone: tablets for oral administration, 5 mg in the original drug or 10 mg of the active ingredient in one tablet. The half-life is 9-10 hours.




Increase in power indicators. It is used actively, it is able to significantly increase strength indicators. In fact, a sharp increase in strength is the main advantage of fluoxymesterone. Increase endurance. It is used – due to the ability to stimulate erythropoiesis.


Preparation for the buy legit human growth hormone competition: “burning” fat and drying. Can be used – gives the muscles rigidity. At the same time, one should not forget about the ability of fluoxymesterone to increase the level of cortisol in the blood.




  • Minimum dosage 20 mg per day;
  • The optimal dosage is 30-40 mg per day;
  • Maximum dosage 50 mg per day.

As a rule, half of the daily dose is usually taken before training. Due to the high hepatotoxicity of the drug, it is advisable not to resort to the maximum dosage. Also, do not extend its intake beyond 4-6 weeks.




  • Suppression of the secretion of one’s own testosterone;
  • Negative effect on the liver;
  • Negative effect on the cardiovascular system;
  • Increased aggressiveness.

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