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Initially, this is a medicine that is used to relieve asthma attacks with a relatively average effect. The fact is that on the surface of our bronchi there is a very large number of so-called beta-2 receptors. And their activation leads to the fact that through complex biochemical processes, the bronchi relax, and a person has an asthmatic attack.


However, there are also beta receptors on our surface of adipose tissue, the fat cell adipocyte. And if we start using clenbuterol, it starts to stimulate these same beta receptors on the surface of adipose tissue, which lead to lipolysis. That is, fat burning.


Clenbuterol Limit


Is there a limit to clenbuterol? We have and now we will tell you how to overcome it. There is best steroids to buy online for shoulder pain such a thing as affinity. The affinity of a receptor for a particular substance. For example, now we are interested in the affinity of alpha receptors, which, as you remember, promote fat accumulation, and the affinity of beta receptors, which promote lipolysis, i.e. the process of giving triglyceride into the blood, this substance, which is adrenaline.


The trouble is that we have a receptor affinity for alpha receptors, it is higher than for beta. What does it say? This suggests that at first all alpha receptors will be occupied with us, and only when there are no free alpha receptors left, only then will our adrenaline or our, for example, clenbuterol begin to act on beta receptors, which help us to fat released fatty acids into the blood.


Clenbuterol instruction


How should it be taken? There are different kinds of protocols. What should not be done? You should not use men beyond the dosage of 240 g of clenbuterol, women around 160. This is the limit.


Myths about clenbuterol


I will touch on one more topic regarding clenbuterol and the myths that surround it, namely its so-called anti-catabolic or even anabolic effect.


So, I know a lot of people who were trying to maintain muscle mass, especially after a cycle of anabolic steroids. They thought that they would now take the drug, but judge for yourself, let’s say you got off the course, or, let’s say, you have some kind of basic testosterone level, you pumped up. It falls for you, i.e. it’s hard enough for the body to hold on to meat, and you still increase your basal metabolic rate by 30% with clenbuterol.


Naturally, what will the body do first? It will get rid of meat with a lack of testosterone. Now clomid use for men it is clear why I say that a natural woman does not need to use clenbuterol for more than a week or two at the end of drying, because on long courses you are guaranteed to keep the mass only if you use pharmacological support – exogenous testosterone. Then, yes, exogenous anabolic preparations will keep your muscle mass, keep it from catabolism, which will be on clenbuterol, and clenbuterol will help you burn fat with the right diet.


This has absolutely nothing to do with natural training and a healthy lifestyle. This is how to use trenbolone already competitive bodybuilding, I want you to know when in articles that “guys, clenbuterol, it has an anti-catabolic effect or even anabolic.” I don’t know anyone who would try to use this method and safely at least keep something and not leak anything.

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