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First appeared on the sports market in the United States of America in 1980. Now distributed throughout the world and available.


The health and beauty of athletes depend on the state of health, hormonal levels, which can change after endless training, and the use of steroids. To return the body to its normal state, athletes mastered a unique medical preparation. Cabergoline is a substance that inhibits the production of prolactin. The drug has taken a leading position among sports drugs. The purpose buy anabolic steroids in usa of the application is to maintain health, eliminate the consequences of the use of steroids by bodybuilders.


Prolactin, the nature of the impact on the body


The hormone is elevated from the use of pharmaceuticals. Its high concentration carries many unpleasant symptoms. This is a substance of protein nature, a polypeptide. The shape, structure resembles somatotropin (growth hormone), includes almost 200 amino acids. It reduces the level of sexual desire, causes excess water retention.


Cabergoline and it’s actions


Cabergoline helps produce dopamine, a hormone that suppresses prolactin. The drug is used buy clenbuterol online usa to increase muscle mass, improve body relief. The drug is recommended to be used at any time during meals, as a result, the possibility of side effects will decrease.


The goal determines the dosage of the tablets. Together with steroids, it is better to use 0.25 milligrams, once / 4 days (high prolactin level – 1 p. / 2 days), the second week after the start of taking progestogens, 2-3 weeks. after the end of the course. It will also lower the level of puffiness. Among bodybuilders, the most common form of medication is dostinex. Also take it without steroids 0.5 milligram 1 r. / 10 days To increase performance by eliminating ACC, athletes take a lower dose.


It should be noted that abuse provokes a weakening of the immune system, loss of sleep, appetite, and mood. Then you need to stop the course until the body is fully restored. In bodybuilding, the use of dostinex is possible on PCT if prolactin is too high. Dosage: 0.25 mg every 7 days.




It should not be used nandrolone decanoate buy online in violation of respiratory functions, fibrosis, liver problems, hypertension, cardiac disorders, preeclampsia, hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. Before use, contraindications should be excluded, side effects should be avoided. Athletes using the drug in an underestimated amount rarely observe complications. More often bodybuilders talk about the problem of depressed mood, loss of appetite.

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