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In the drug Testosterone Enanthate, testosterone is contained in the form of a chemical compound with an ester bond. This circumstance allows him to freely leave the fat depot and carry out a slow consumption for the needs of the body. As a result, its long-term presence in the circulating blood stream can be observed.


The action of the drug is injectable steroids to buy associated with an anabolic effect. This contributes to the production of protein components. In addition, a positive nitrogen balance is formed. The hormone is naturally produced by the adrenal glands. Leydig cells also take part in this.


First, a prohormone is formed. It is inactive at androgen receptors. To activate, it needs to be transformed into a full-fledged hormone. This process is carried out under the influence of a special enzyme. It is 5-alpha reductose. First, dehydrotestosterone is synthesized. Under its influence, the transition from the inactive phase to the active form of the hormone is carried out.


Steroid Profile


The drug is produced in the form of ampoules for injection. As a result of the application, you can achieve certain effects:

– the achievement of androgenic and anabolic
– effect with intensity 100%.
– high probability of conversion to estrogen.
– the drug does not have a pronounced hepatotoxic effect.
After administration, the duration of action is 2 weeks. With the help of special tests, the drug is detected in the body for 3 months.
the drug after administration enters the blood for a long time.

A similar effect is where can i buy cabergoline provided by enanthate. The validity period varies from 14 to 21 days. Half-life is carried out on average a week.


Effects of application


The action of the drug is carried out in several directions:

  1. Significantly increases muscle mass. The increase in volume is due to the accumulation of fluid. This is made possible by the retention of sodium ions in the body. This is also influenced by the estrogenic activity of the hormone. When the drug is canceled, a pronounced “rollback” can be observed. Its value is individual for a single athlete.
  2. Strength indicators go to a new level.
  3. In men, the genital organs develop intensively. The manifestations associated with secondary sexual characteristics are more clearly traced. This applies to male facial features, low timbre coloring of the voice. On the surface of the body, hair begins to grow intensively.
  4. Processes associated with spermatogenesis are activated. The result is increased sex drive.
  5. There is an improvement in tadalafil 5mg buy online phosphorus and nitrogen metabolism.
  6. Joint pain and pain associated with problems with the intervertebral discs disappear.
  7. The processes associated with the regeneration of cells and tissues begin to proceed more actively.
  8. The action of the drug leads to an increase in tone and an increase in motivation for sports activities.
  9. Stops the sensations arising from the redundancy of training.
  10. Increases the concentration of red blood cells in the blood.

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