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What is the drug, the risk of side effects


Avanafil belongs to the class of new phosphodiesterase inhibitors. In comparison with most of the legendary and well-known drugs of the same group, this remedy has certain advantages. In particular, user reviews of Generic indicate a faster activation of the drug and the absence of side effects.


This drug is produced buy testosterone suspension online in the form of tablets with different dosages, which determine the amount of active enzyme substance. The principle of action of the drug is to increase the flow of blood to the cavernous tissues of the male penis and, as a result, an increase in “dignity” in girth. Stimulation of erectile function is also expressed in the duration of erection.


Instructions for using Avanafil, what to look for


In some cases, Generic Avanafil is used when other drugs of similar action do not have the desired effect. The drug in the largest dosage – 260 mg deserves special attention. Its distinctive feature is the presence of dapoxetine – a substance buying steroids online in usa that delays the onset of male orgasm. Consequently, the manufacturers of the drug promise not only increased erection, but also an increase in the severity of sexual sensations.


What does an ordinary man need to know about the use of the drug


The instruction attached to the package has all the necessary information for the user. Based on its main positions, you can right now find out how to take the medicine, whether it has contraindications.


So, erectile dysfunction (i.e. impotence) is the main indication for the use of Avanafil. Judging by the instructions and reviews dapoxetine buy of men who have tried the action of this Generic, it can really be used for various degrees of severity of erection problems, regardless of the nature of the origin of these disorders.


How to take an erection booster


Generic drug is undesirable to use together with other inhibitors. The most common and often recommended dosage is Avanafil 100mg. To enhance the effect, after consulting a doctor, it is possible to increase the dose to 200 mg, however, if mild side effects appear, reduce the recommended dosage.


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