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Anastrozole is an inhibitor of aromatase, an enzyme produced by the adrenal glands and responsible for the transformation of testosterone into estradiol (male to female hormone). The drug delays its natural synthesis in the body, therefore it is used on a course of steroids that are subject to aromatization. This reduces the negative effects of estrogens on the body.


The role of Anastrozole in the regulation of estrogen


In the male body, not only testosterone is present, but estradiol. Female hormones are of great importance for the health of the athlete and his achievements. The “correct” concentration of estrogens has a positive effect on the functioning of various body systems.


Their functions:

– support of immunity;
– nutrition of bone tissue;
– regulation of cholesterol levels;
– participation in the synthesis of growth hormone;
– regulation of fluid balance in the body;
– promoting the absorption of glucose;
– libido support.


Anastrozole makes it possible to control the level of estrogen. Its function is not only to counteract aromatization, but also to enhance the production of natural testosterone. Initially, the drug was used tren steroids buy to treat breast cancer. Over time, the properties of Anastrozole have become in demand in sports pharmacology. Today it is actively used by athletes in the course. Subject to all recommendations for taking the drug is well tolerated by the body.


Effects when taking Anastrozole


The use of the drug is justified when athletes take steroids that are susceptible to aromatization. For example, Testosterone and Danabol. Taking Anastrozole on the AAS course allows you to achieve the following results:

– prevent fluid retention;
– suppress the active synthesis of female hormones;
– stimulate the production of endogenous testosterone;
– prevent testicular atrophy and gynecomastia;
– improve muscle tone;
– increase the level of anabolic hormones in the body;
– avoid hypertension.

Taking the drug on a course of aromatizing steroids should be started immediately. This will allow for high-quality prevention.


Possible side effects of Anastrozole


Each drug has a pronounced effect, which is the main purpose of its use. But side effects are also possible. With prolonged and uncontrolled use of Anastrozole on a course of anabolic steroids, the level of female sex hormones can critically decrease. This is accompanied by a number of undesirable manifestations:

– sudden mood swings;
– depression, apathy, lethargy;
– deterioration of sports performance;
– joint pain;
– Decreased sex drive.


Features of taking Anastrozole on the course of AAS


The drug is needed augmentin buy with a full course of steroids with the use of testosterone. If even before it starts, tests indicate an increased level of aromatization, you can start taking it faster. An antiestrogen is also used on PCT if required by an estradiol test.


Recommendations for use


Tablets can be taken at any time of the day, but it is better to take it on an empty stomach. You need where to buy injectable testosterone to drink the medicine with plenty of water, which will ensure better absorption. Dosage and frequency of administration should be determined with the help of a specialist. In each case, they are individual and depend on the level of aromatization, doses of testosterone and its esters.


The course of Anastrozole determines the duration of the use of flavoring substances. You need to take it all this time and longer. For example, when taking Testosterone Propionate, Anastrozole is used for another fifth day after the last injection.

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