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Aldactone (a diuretic) is a drug that causes or increases the excretion of fluid from the body. Used in power sports, bodybuilding and martial arts, diuretics help to achieve density, muscle relief, reduce body weight, which allows you to compete in a lower weight category, gaining an advantage over rivals.


But initially, diuretics were not developed for this at all. They were synthesized purely for medicinal purposes: they are prescribed for hypertension (high blood pressure), kidney disease and heart failure, among others.


Why do bodybuilders need diuretics?


A typical training cycle for a more or less serious bodybuilder is as follows: he spends several months of the year best websites to buy anabolic steroids training to gain muscle mass, then weeks (perhaps months – depending on the level and schedule of the athlete) of preparation for competitions begin, which involves drying the body. During this period, the diet is significantly tightened and the cardio load is increased, plus, diuretics are connected.


Don’t be fooled by the looks of jocks who radiate strength and health when they step on stage. In fact, flaunting unrealistic pumping, drawing and vascularity of muscles during performance, professional athletes are often on the verge between life and death. They pump themselves so much with recreational drugs (from insulin to diuretics) that there are health consequences.


To win in bodybuilding, the factors of size, proportions and muscle relief play a paramount role. To get relief muscles before the competition, both excess fat and accumulated water must be removed from under the skin. With the latter, diuretics cope 10/10. That’s what competitive jocks love them for.


There is another reason for the popularity of diuretics in sports: the above-mentioned ability to mask the use of hormones buy amoxicillin clavulanate, peptides, steroids or pharmaceuticals, the metabolites of which are still in the urine for a long time. Therefore, in professional circles, diuretics are also called “masking agents”.


How do they work?


To understand the mechanism of action of diuretics, it is necessary to look at the anatomy and physiology of the kidneys. This is the only way to understand the health risks associated with diuretics.


Among the functions of the kidneys are: filtering harmful or unnecessary substances from the blood and controlling the content of minerals (these ions) in internal fluids (electrolytes). That is, the kidneys can “throw out” excess substances into the urine, or vice versa, “keep” them in the body in order to avoid deficiency. Let’s oxandrolone 10mg uses clarify about electrolytes: in cells and intercellular space they are in the form of salt solutions, directly participating in biochemical reactions, such as maintaining the level of acidity and water balance of tissues.


In particular, nerve impulses are carried from cell to cell by an ionic mechanism provided by electrolytes. And, if you didn’t know, muscle contraction is impossible without a nerve impulse (first there is an impulse, then a contraction happens).


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