A muscle building Steroids can significantly increase your bodybuilding results. It’s no secret (and for some people it’s just the same secret) that exercising naturally you won’t look like athletes from glossy magazines, even with long training sessions, the right programs and nutrition. Let’s talk about which farm is best for mass gain.

Mass Steroids

Immediately make a reservation that in this article we will consider precisely the pharmacy for gaining mass. Because there is also a pharmacy for fat burning. We’ll talk about her some other time.

Steroids is hormonal and non-hormonal.

The hormonal farm primarily includes androgenic-anabolic steroids (synthetic testosterone and its analogues), as well as insulin and growth hormone. Also, insulin-like IGF growth factors (several of them) and peptides (GRPH) can be attributed here.

Non-hormonal pharmaceuticals for gaining muscle mass include a wide variety of drugs, for example, potassium orotate, carnitine chloride, riboxin, mildronate, glutamic acid, etc. In general, even simple vitamins can have a positive effect on weight gain (but do not overdo it and follow the recommended dosages in the instructions).

Features of hormonal pharmacology

It should be understood that significant and tangible results are given precisely by hormonal pharmacology. On it, athletes can gain 10 kg of muscle mass in one month. It is she who is used by all professionally competing bodybuilders. It is she who makes it possible to achieve unnaturally large muscle volumes.

Take their farm from them – and nothing will remain of them. Look at any bodybuilder who has completed his career, and you will see that they are blown away almost to the state of an ordinary person. Steroids does not just add a few percent to their natural results. She completely creates this result (80-90%). In addition, the pharmacy gives only a temporary effect (pout-puffed).

Many uninitiated people think that these results were created simply by some special or very frequent and intense training. However, it is not. It’s all about the farm.

Although these athletes themselves do not like to mention this (and sometimes it is prohibited by the terms of their contracts). This will reduce the significance of their achievements. People are inspired by their results, run into the hall, hoping to become the same, and … Disappointed, without receiving anything.

To pump up naturally is difficult. This requires years of training, and the result will still be incomparably smaller than on the farm. Pumping on the farm can be relatively simple and fast.

Steroid drugs are prohibited by law and legally equated with drugs (although this was not always the case – in some countries they are allowed, and in Soviet times they could be bought at a pharmacy without a prescription). For their storage, use and distribution may come criminal liability up to a real prison term. However, in practice, such cases are quite rare. Everyone knows that athletes use steroids, and no one usually puts them in jail for this.

When using hormonal pharmaceuticals, you need to understand it very well, observe dosages, dosage regimens, it is imperative to conduct PCT (post-cycle therapy). Illiterate use can lead to undesirable side effects (decreased libido, gynecomastia, etc.)

Unqualified use of hormonal pharmacology is unacceptable.

Insulin can be bought at any pharmacy. Growth hormone is also sold freely, but costs a lot of money.

Beginners, as a rule, combine 1-2 drugs (usually steroids). Professionals use more complex combinations and higher dosages. As a rule, we are talking about a bunch of 3-4 steroid drugs, insulin and growth hormone at the same time (plus some additions on the little things).

Features of non-hormonal pharma

Non-hormonal pharmacology produces a disproportionately smaller effect. Speaking frankly, most likely, you simply won’t notice any effect, no matter what you say. It gives only a very, very weak increase in the results, but from time to time for prophylaxis it will not hurt to take a course of one or another drug (for a general strengthening effect).

Virtually all non-hormonal pharmacies are permitted by law, and are commercially available in pharmacies.

List of hormonal pharmacology for mass recruitment

This list may not be complete, but the main drugs include:

A growth hormone

An effective but expensive drug. Ordinary people, as a rule, can not afford. It is used, as a rule, by professionals. Does not apply to steroids. Does not require post-course therapy. At high dosages, its combination with insulin is required.

Outside of bodybuilding, it is used to rejuvenate and improve the body (and really helps). Able to improve tissue regeneration. At high dosages, it leads to an increase in the size of internal organs. It is for this reason that top modern bodybuilders have such terribly large bellies.

Growth hormone is good both in terms of mass gain, and in terms of fat burning.


Pharmacy non-steroidal hormonal drug. Post-course therapy is not required. The principle of action is that insulin “pulls” nutrients throughout the body. Due to this, the bodybuilder can eat more and deliver more nutrients to the muscles, which positively affects their growth.

Insulin leads to the appearance of excess body fat, so it is used at the stage of total mass gain. When working on terrain, it does not fit.

An overdose of insulin is deadly and can lead to hypoglycemic coma.

Next, we will talk about steroids.


Steroids, as we have already said, are synthetic testosterone (male sex hormone) or its analogues (with slight changes at the molecular level).

We list the main names of steroids:

Methandrostenolone (methandienone, Danabol, “methane”)

Methane is the number one steroid. As a rule, they begin to chemize with it. It is included in almost all mass-collection courses.

According to different chemical nomenclatures, it can be called both methandrostenolone and methandienone. Both names are correct. Also, the people often call it “methane”, and some people even think that it is somehow connected with methane gas (gas in tablets). This is completely wrong.

Methane is a fairly strong androgen-anabolic steroid, although some mistakenly consider it a weak steroid, due to the fact that it often starts with chemical. Some people even claim that after a methane solo course, PCT is not required. This is not true! PCT should be done after any course of steroids, including after methane.

Methane is an oral drug and is available in tablet form. The tablet form worsens the digestibility of the drug (compared with the injection), is more toxic to the liver, but at the same time, it is convenient to use (you do not need to stab anything).


Injection drug. Very effective. It is available in several versions (esters), such as testosterone propionate (fast-playing), enanthate (long-playing), undecanoate, etc.

Propionate allows you to gain weight and burn fat at the same time, although there is an opinion that people who are prone to overweight may, on the contrary, appear overweight.

Testosterone is also the basis of many mass-gaining courses.

There are also mixtures of different testosterone esters (long, medium and short), such as Sustanon and Omnadren.

Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca, Decadurabolin, Retabolil)

Injection drug. The chemical name is Nandrolone Decanoate. The people – “deck.” Trade names – Decadurabolin, Retabolil.

A strong steroid is added to many mass-gaining courses, but has its own specifics. Unlike most other steroids, it does not aromatize, that is, does not convert to estrogen at high dosages. Deca has progestogen activity, that is, it leads to an increase in progesterone and prolactin levels. Therefore, it is necessary to suppress side effects with other drugs. When using conventional steroids, the side effects are drowned out, usually with tamoxifen or clomid. In the case of the deck, other drugs are needed, for example, Dostinex.

Boldenone (Equipoise)

Injection drug. Initially used in veterinary medicine, then migrated to bodybuilding.

Primobolan (Methenolone)

There is an injectable and oral form. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone.

Stanozolol (Winstrol, Strombafort)

There is an injectable and oral form (Winstrol – injection). It mainly gives relief and strength, so it is rarely used in mass-typing programs. Good for drying. However, he is still able to give some mass. Dries joints, especially oral form. For this reason, it is recommended to combine it, for example, with testosterone.

Oxandrolone (Anavar)

Injection form. A rather mild steroid, which is often advised to be taken by women bodybuilders.


Strong oral steroid. It has progestogenic activity (like nadrolon).


Professional strong steroid. It also has progestogen activity.


Oral steroid. In its properties, it is similar to methane, but it gives less mass, more relief and fewer side effects.


Peptides (GHRP-2, GHRP-6) stimulate the production of growth hormone (growth hormone). Relatively new and little-studied bodybuilders drugs about which you can find conflicting opinions and reviews.

Insulin-like growth factors

There is very little information on these substances and the principles of their action on the Internet, and among bodybuilders they are also considered poorly understood and rarely used.

Non-hormonal mass gain pharma

Among non-hormonal pharmacies, the following drugs are most often used for weight gain

Carnitine chloride

It is used to treat dystrophy in children, and is also considered an anabolic drug for bodybuilders. Available in ampoules.

Potassium orotate

Strengthens the heart muscle. It is recommended from time to time to use to prevent and strengthen the body. It also has an anabolic effect.


Improves anabolism, enhances tissue oxygen saturation, increases the energy of the body. Improves stamina. The active substance is inosine.

Glutamic acid

About glutamic acid, we have a whole separate article . You can familiarize yourself with it.


Mildronate in its properties is similar to riboxin (but costs more).

Thus, we have examined the question of what kind of Steroids exists for gaining muscle mass. If you still have questions, or have your own opinion on this issue – write in the comments! .

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