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In 1986, scientists discovered the vasodilating properties of nitric oxide (NO) and, in general, its ability to improve blood circulation and promote heart health. Researchers have taken to experimenting with NO as a counterparty to test these effects in practice. This is how a group of drugs, later called PDE5 inhibitors, appeared.


The main goal of American researchers was to develop a cure for angina pectoris. And the first to be tested was the active ingredient sildenafil citrate. Unfortunately, it turned out that it is only partially (moderately) effective in cardiac pathologies.


However, the work buying injectable steroids online of scientists was not in vain. While studying notes from clinical investigators who described side effects due to taking sildenafil, one interesting detail came to light. Many subjects admitted that they had significantly improved erectile function and even had cases of involuntary erections. For older men, Viagra has become a lifeline in sexual life.


However, this is not the only reason why men may be interested in sildenafil with analogues. And it is connected not so much with health as with bodybuilding. There is ample evidence for the benefits of systematically taking PDE5 inhibitors, like dietary supplements or sports nutrition, for improving physical performance.


Why are drugs for potency useful in strength sports?


In total, four main effects can be distinguished.

1. Pumping muscles
The most obvious and pronounced effect of PDE5 inhibitors is to increase blood flow. And not only to the heart or penis, but throughout the body, including skeletal muscles. More buy clenbuterol online usa blood flow means better pumps due to strength training, and more nutrients are delivered to the muscle mass, which is also good for iron training.


2. Antiestrogenic action
In one study in 2005, scientists found that 10-mg and 20-mg doses of tadalafil, taken about 10 times a month, can counter female sex hormones. But with one caveat: only in men with a normal physique (with a body mass index of at least 27). Obvious overweight (aka obese) subjects had exorbitant levels of aromatase, as a result, their testosterone continued to be converted into estrogen at a furious rate. And it does not matter how much or how often tadalafil was used.


3. Testosterone levels
A test of the effects of sildenafil on 140 men aged 40 to 70 years with low testosterone showed that taking the pills leads to an increase in the level of male sex hormone up to 100 units. And although buy trenbolone online, on the one hand, the increase in androgenic activity was due to the antiestrogenic qualities of Viagra (which we talked about in the previous paragraph), on the other hand, the jump in the male sex hormone occurred directly due to increased testosterone synthesis in the test men.


4. Insulin resistance
Sildenafil with analogues reduce the oxidative stress provoked by diabetes and increase the sensitivity of tissues to the hormone insulin. But do not rush to rejoice. Unlike previous experiments, this one was carried out on laboratory rats. Therefore, there is a non-zero probability that regular intake of erection stimulants will not affect insulin in a person enough or not at all.


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Tadalafil has demonstrated the ability to counter the symptoms of prostate hypertrophy, in particular frequent urination. In general, laboratory tests hint that PDE5 inhibitors have a positive effect on prostate health.  Sildenafil is guaranteed to normalize skyrocketing blood pressure in the pulmonary arteries. In other words, it prevents pulmonary hypertension.


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