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PCT is an acronym for Post Cycle Therapy. It uses drugs that minimize the side effects associated with the use of steroid drugs. This is especially true if the course was long in time. Such events help the body to carry out a complete recovery and move into the desired physiological regime.


Why is Restorative Therapy Necessary?


If a man has been taking prohormones for a long time, then this can negatively affect the work of organs such as testicles. The hypothalamus controls the production of testosterone in the body. This hormone is responsible for the processes of division of cellular structures, the place of which is the gonads.


Its scope is also spermatogenesis. If this process is influenced from the outside by where to buy furosemide taking certain drugs, then the gonadotropic hormone is produced in smaller quantities.


On the other hand, when the supply of testosterone from the outside stops, then the processes of its production in a natural way occur gradually. It takes a certain amount of time to launch them in full force. It must be understood that an excess of testosterone is not a positive thing, since in relation to the biological system there is the concept of homeostasis, which implies the circumstance in which everything is in balance.


Types of rehabilitation therapy


Rehabilitation treatment after a course of steroids can be carried out in two forms, classical and “bridge”.


Classic variant


It involves the use of testosterone, hepatoprotectors and anti-estorogens. But these are only basic tools that can be supplemented with other drugs.




Treatment is carried out in a complex. To do this, one of the possible test boosters is selected. You can take anabolic steroids online buy two funds, but their compositions should be different. The complex is complemented by the selected hepatoprotector and some kind of estrogen.


After a month of admission, tests are given. If the result does not confirm complete recovery, then the reception is continued for another month. At the end, it is also necessary to pass tests.


Bridge style


This option is used by experienced athletes, who are characterized by long courses of taking drugs. Classes of any experienced athlete, as a rule, are associated with long courses of taking drugs. These two actions are almost synonymous. The fundamental point is to leave one prohormone, not a bundle.


The use of these drugs allows you to conduct a high-quality course of rehabilitation therapy. Reception should buy legit human growth hormone be carried out in parallel with constant laboratory control.


Of course, after short courses, such a medicinal recovery may not be carried out, since the body tends to recover itself, but this will take at least 6 months.


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