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Even a novice who has encountered pharmacology for the first time in his life should know that AAS come in two forms – the first are tablets, they are oral, the second are injections, they are also injectable. But what many do not realize is that both the former and the latter have their own advantages and certain disadvantages. Which?


Oral anabolics: all the pros and cons


Let’s start with pills. Why from them? There are no special reasons, although there may be: looking ahead, let’s say that steroids in tablets are the most popular among novice athletes; often, beginners, planning their first course, choose them. So we can consider this order of the story justified.


So, to the point: anabolics in tablets that you can buy buy boldenone online are not presented in such a wide range as injectables. Truly effective tablet AAS, if you take the active ingredients, and not the trade names, can literally be counted on the fingers. Although even in the case of recalculating the number of brands, drugs in tablets are likely to lose to their injectable “rivals”.


In addition, many oral anabolics have direct analogues in injections, in particular, the already mentioned methandienone and stanozolol (Winstrol drug, etc.), which not only are not inferior to them, but even surpass them in some ways. Stanozolol injections, for example, unlike tablets, are free from liver toxicity.


Briefly describe how anabolics and steroids work


A well-known fact: the hormone testosterone and almost all of its analogues/ derivatives themselves cannot be normally absorbed by the oral route, they will be destroyed in the stomach and intestines before they enter the bloodstream. This has been proven by both athletes and scientific research. Moreover, the subjects in these studies were mostly women. Why they? It’s simple: in the female body it is much easier to detect an increase in the level of the male sex hormone.


How, then, do steroids in tablets work buy injectable steroids online when they enter the human body, if they must be destroyed? Again, everything is simple: all tablet AAS are “assembled” at the molecular level in such a way that they do not disintegrate in the gastrointestinal tract, but are effectively absorbed into the blood. In this case, the blood moves through the cleaning cycle through the liver, which is the main filter in the body, where a fair amount of the steroid is activated.


What about merit?


They exist and there are many. In particular, hardly anyone will argue that oral androgens and anabolics are very convenient to use. A significant plus, especially for those athletes who, for one reason or another, cannot tolerate injections. There is another notable advantage that oral anabolic steroids can boast of in oral form: if you buy and take them, almost all of them act very quickly and are also quickly eliminated from the body, leaving no traces. However, given the rapid activity, the lifetime of most oral Tamoxifen citrate  preparations does not exceed a day on average. This, by the way, explains why almost all AAS tablets need to be taken frequently (usually daily) – this is done to maintain optimal levels of the active substance in the blood.


Also, the pluses include the fact that oral anabolics, pills, are more difficult to detect during a doping test. That is, they are recommended for those athletes who have serious competitions and checks on their noses, because already in the shortest possible time after the end of the course it will be almost impossible to reveal that they were used.

Well, we have analyzed all the main aspects of what oral steroids are, which means that we can draw some conclusions and summarize:

First, almost all drugs in this group, produced and sold in tablets, are toxic to the liver to some extent, unlike their analogues in injections;

Secondly, oral steroids act quickly and are quickly eliminated, causing a sharp increase and then a decrease in the level of hormones in the body (for some this can be a significant plus, for someone – a minus);

Thirdly, AAS tablets in most cases need to be taken frequently, which is not always convenient, but they are easy to use and very practical;

Fourth, the fact that anabolic pills were taken is usually more difficult to detect during doping tests, again because they are quickly excreted from the body;

Fifth, this type of AAS is preferred for beginners, athletes who are afraid of injections for one reason or another, and athletes before a doping test.


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