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Growth hormone, or somatotropin, is a peptide hormone that is produced in the anterior pituitary gland, affects protein synthesis, regulates carbohydrate metabolism and is involved in the work of many systems and organs.


Throughout life, the amount of growth hormone changes: it reaches a peak in adolescence (150 ng / kg of body weight per day), and after 30 years it decreases by about 15% per decade.


After the human body is fully formed, growth hormone continues to perform many important tasks. It regulates liver where can i buy letrozole and heart function, supports physical endurance and cognitive function, and protects against fat accumulation and muscle loss.


Since a decrease in growth hormone is associated with muscle wasting and an increase in fat mass, it can be assumed that by increasing the amount of somatotropin, you can quickly get pumped up and become lean. But not everything is so simple.


Does Growth Hormone Really Help Build Muscle?


Somatotropin affects the production of hormones insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) and insulin, which provide an anabolic effect – increase protein synthesis and reduce its breakdown. They found that growth hormone increases protein synthesis in the body after strength training, both in young and old people.


In an analysis of 27 scientific papers where to buy anabolic steroids usa, it was noted that taking growth hormone for 20 days increased lean body mass by 2.1 kg, but did not affect strength.


In a sports environment, growth hormone is often combined with other anabolics, such as testosterone, and taken in huge dosages. Such “cocktails” can really help in building muscle.


Why is growth hormone important for athletes and bodybuilders?


Despite the fact that growth hormone does not help build muscle, it is still useful for sports and fitness for several reasons at once. The first – reduces the percentage of fat and maintains the muscles on the “drying”. Growth hormone stimulates the release and oxidation of free fatty acids and provides good results in losing weight.


In one study, growth hormone helped older men lose 14% of body fat, and in another it improved insulin sensitivity and reduced visceral fat in postmenopausal women. According to a review of 18 studies, half a year of growth hormone supplementation helps older people reduce fat mass by an average of 2 kg.


It is also useful for young people. In one study buy testosterone cypionate 250mg, young adults lost 1.6 times more weight and 6.8% more belly fat in 12 weeks of supplementing their diet with somatotropin. Moreover, they have not decreased the number of muscles.


It can be concluded that the ability of growth hormone to slow down the breakdown of protein and preserve muscle during malnutrition and heavy loads can be useful for athletes during the “drying” period – when it is important to lose as much fat as possible and at the same time preserve muscles.


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