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The tops achieved by modern athletes might seem incredible to athletes who performed half a century ago. Impressive muscle mass, ideal forms, incredible strength – all this is given in a difficult struggle with iron and, first of all, with oneself. But any organism has its own limit, laid down by nature, only by overcoming which you can reach unprecedented heights. Anabolic steroids, which both a professional athlete and an amateur beginner can buy today, help in this difficult struggle with genetics and physiology.

Today, the group of anabolic steroids includes substances that act similarly to testosterone and dihydrotestosterone – hormones produced by the glands of the male body. These drugs increase the rate of protein synthesis, which causes rapid muscle hypertrophy. Thanks to this remarkable property, called “anabolism”, steroids have become so popular in bodybuilding.

Most anabolic steroids come into sports from medicine. Sex hormones were first isolated at the end of the 19th century, and already in the mid-30s of the 20th century they began to be synthesized artificially. The first use of steroids is not for treatment, but to achieve better results in sports, recorded in 1938. Today, the production of sports steroids is a well-developed global industry that produces hundreds of types of drugs for various purposes.

Anabolics “work” not like peptide hormones. After entering the human body, steroid molecules spread with blood throughout the body and interact with the cells of muscle tissue, the brain, and endocrine glands. Activation of androgen receptors of cells leads to the fact that stimulating signals enter all parts of the cell and the intensive synthesis of various nucleic acids and the intensive formation of protein molecules are stimulated.

In the simplest words, the effect of these drugs is as follows:

Increased rate of protein synthesis; Faster recovery after exertion; Neutralization of catabolic hormones such as cortisol; Decreased production of fat cells in favor of muscle development; The acceleration of metabolism and, as a result, the rapid breakdown of adipose tissue.

Distinguish between the anabolic and androgenic effects of taking steroids. Anabolic effect is an intensive set of muscle mass (5-8 kg per month), endurance, strength, improving blood circulation, strengthening bones, joints and ligaments, reducing the percentage of fat in the body. All these phenomena are certainly positive. The androgenic effect of steroids can hardly be called positive, since it includes masculinization and virilization in women, atrophy of the testicles and prostate, and hair growth on the body. It is with the androgenic effect of steroids that the appearance of side effects is associated with which today they are effectively fighting with drugs for post-cycle therapy.

I would like to clarify that taking steroid drugs is not a guarantee of rapid transformation into an antique athlete. Bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, despite a significant breakthrough in pharmacology, still remain disciplines in which the main role is played by heavy systematic training, proper nutrition and regimen. And drugs can only help to quickly reach the intended goal.