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Anabolic steroids are natural or synthetic drugs that are used in sports and bodybuilding to increase muscle volume. Almost all anabolics are analogues of natural hormones that are synthesized by the body itself to regulate muscle growth. If you follow the rules of admission, they are completely safe for the body.


The main steroids:

– Injection. The main advantage is a very high digestibility and effectiveness, an important disadvantage is not too convenient to use (at first it is difficult to make injections, but before use it is necessary to prepare a solution).
– Oral – are tablets and capsules. The main advantage is ease of use, an important disadvantage is the average digestibility (a certain part of the active components will be disposed of using gastric and / or liver enzymes, so manufacturers have to increase the concentration of steroids in tablets, which leads to an increase in the price of the final product).
– Fat burner anabolics – used in the penultimate stage of the cycle, to obtain a muscle shape.
– Antiestrogens for recovery after a cycle of one’s own hormonal background – post-cycle therapy (PCT).
Drugs should be selected based on the individual characteristics of the body and the sporting task.
Our specialist endocrinologist will review your case and draw up an individual cycle program.


Why can you trust us

– Complete anonymity. Only you and the manager who will form the order will know about your purchase.
– Quality. We work directly with manufacturers. Our preparations are completely original, we periodically conduct tests for the content of the active substance for additional control.
– Balanced prices. We work directly, without intermediaries with the lowest possible margin. You do not have to overpay.
– Availability of goods. If the store indicates that the goods are in stock, then the way it is. We always keep it up to date.
– A wide range of oral and injection anabolics from different manufacturers to choose from. It is possible to purchase whole cycles cheaper than individually.
– Quick ordering and sending the package within 4 days after payment.
– Free consultation from the endocrinologist by mail
Commercially available anabolic steroids are safe and effective when used properly and with constant training.


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